Renting construction equipment is almost always more cost-effective than buying. When you are considering your options for the first time or to expand your resources, the wide array of choices available in the market can certainly affect your decision and make it more complex and difficult. This is why before committing to any heavy equipment rental service in Davao, there are five questions that you absolutely should ask first:

1. Does it work? 

Although this may seem simple, you should always ask your AAC supplier in Philippines or any rental company you found to start up the equipment and make sure it runs smoothly. You should also watch them run the equipment through its paces to see how to properly operate the equipment.

2. What is your insurance policy? 

When renting equipment, you have to consider your own safety. Although things rarely go wrong with construction equipment, you need to be prepared for when they do. It is often worth the peace of mind to pay a few extra dollars to insure rental equipment.

3. Can I extend the rental without incurring any late fees? 

Sometimes projects go longer than expected.  Sometimes the duration of ongoing projects can be unpredictable. If you have to extend the rental unexpectedly, be sure that you can do so without incurring additional fees beyond the regular rental fees.

4. Is there another rental location that can offer a better price or better equipment? 

Shop around. For example, when looking for a reliable AAC supplier in Philippines, there are many options available online and just around your area. Open up the phone book or your web browser, and make a few calls beforehand to make sure you check out all the options first.

5. Am I responsible to refuel and clean the equipment?

Many heavy equipment rental services in Davao will apply additional fees if the equipment is not fully refueled and cleaned before it is returned. Avoid unexpected charges by asking first regarding such matters as to avoid any issues with your rental.

Hopefully the next time you find yourself in need of heavy equipment rental services, these tips will come in handy. Don’t forget that the best way to make sure you get the best services is to rent equipment from a trusted company. Feel free to contact WAVE Construction Industries for your equipment rental needs.