A problem brought by climate change is the growing strength of storms around the world. Here in the Philippines, we are suffering from typhoons that are stronger than ever before.

One of the strongest typhoons ever recorded, Yolanda, happened in the Philippines. It killed thousands of people and did $4.55 billion worth of damages.

With scenarios like this, it is very important to improve the durability of our buildings.

One ideal building material for typhoon-prone countries is aluminum.

WAVE Construction Industries: ACP Installation


A Brief History of Aluminum

The use of aluminum dates back to 5000BC, but it was named by chemist and inventor Humphrey Davy only in the 18th century.

It was then further developed by various scientists including a Hands Oersted who managed to produce amounts of aluminum.Commercial production happened nine years later with the help of French scientist Henri Sainte-claire Deville.

Aluminum never occurs naturally and combines with other elements, forming compounds. Once a way to mass-produce aluminum was developed, it quickly became a popular building material.

The first building that used aluminum for the majority of its structure is the Empire State Building in 1932. And until now, it continues to demonstrate its usefulness and value. Its 5,460 windows have now been replaced with aluminum frames.

One of the modern building materials that use aluminum today is ACP or aluminum composite panel. ACP is commonly used for cladding, exterior and interior designs, false ceilings, and more. Now, you can easily find an aluminum composite panel supplier in the Philippines.

WAVE Construction Industries: ACP Installation


Properties of Aluminum


Here are the properties of aluminum that make it best for the Philippine setting:


Great strength to weight ratio: There is no need to use a big amount of aluminum because even a small amount can already provide a high value of strength to its structure. Aluminum is 66% lighter than steel, yet is not delicate and far less susceptible to brittleness.

High Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum doesn’t easily weather because it doesn’t decompose easily. It can also withstand humid and dry conditions, which is perfect for a tropical country.

Reduce External noise: Aluminum sheets are a great material for soundproofing because it can easily reflect sound waves and electromagnetic waves.

Beautiful Façade: Using aluminum-based materials like ACP can make a great façade for your building. It looks professional and sleek, ideal for those going for a modern aesthetic.


Importance of Proper Fabrication


Even though aluminum is a great material, it won’t serve its purpose if not fabricated and installed the right way.

The best example is the aluminum composite panel. Poor fabrication of ACP will lead to uneven joints, and color inconsistency. Major problems will occur as well as thermal issues, mold, water penetration, and less than optimal durability.

That is why here at Wave Construction Industries, we get our materials from reputable manufacturers to ensure the consistency and quality of the materials used.