Choosing the right exterior façade material for our building is as essential as our interiors. Having a beautiful design will not only give a lasting impression to whoever sees it but also it increases the value of the building.

However, aesthetics should not compromise durability and stability.

That is why many contractors prefer using aluminum composite panels.

What is Aluminium Composite Panel?

Aluminum Composite Panel or ACPs are prefabricated panels that consist of two aluminum sheets securely bonded to a non-aluminum core, thus the term “Sandwich Panel”.

One of WAVE Construction Industries aluminium cladding installation projects.

Introduced commercially in 1898, the use of aluminum started with the dome of San Gioacchino’s church in Rome. The Church was covered with aluminum sheets.

Since then, the use of aluminum evolves in order to comply with stricter building standards.
Now, ACP has become the perfect solution to typical building problems. Here are several reasons why you should use ACP for your exterior or interior cladding.


Aluminum is a sustainable material which is why you won’t have a problem when it’s used for a long period of time. Moreover, using ACP can be recycled multiple times without losing quality.

Fire Safety

Aluminum does not burn. Instead, it will only melt when exposed to a temperature of 650 degrees and higher. Another advantage is that it does not emit fumes and harmful gases. If you want your building to be safer for its inhabitants, ACP is the best option.

Lightweight and Low-maintenance


One of WAVE Construction Industries aluminium cladding installation projects.

ACPs are extremely lightweight but strong and rigid. And since its weight is not a problem, it can be easily handled and installed as well.

Also, you don’t have to use big machines to preserve the look and feel of your building. All you need is a clean cloth and then wipe the dirt out and then you’re done. Simple and hassle-free.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Everybody loves a building that has unique and pleasing exterior qualities. And since ACPs are very flexible, it is not hard to allow more innovative designs for a more attractive façade. ACPs can be painted with any color and can mimic textures like wood, metallic non-metallic, natural stones and marble.


With all the advantages mentioned above, you would be surprised how economical ACPs are compared to other materials in the market.

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