Davao City has flourished into one of the busiest metropolises in the country.

The progress of Davao City can be felt with the steady flow of construction projects everywhere. This includes additional schools, high-rising condos such as the Aeon Towers, hospitals, and commercial buildings.

Davao City. (From the Facebook page of Creative Design & Construction)

The construction industry is busier than ever, so busy that any heavy equipment rental service provider in Davao will find themselves with no short supply of clients.

And speaking of renting heavy equipment, there has always been a dilemma between renting and owning heavy equipment.

Regardless of the size of your firm, there are notable advantages to renting heavy equipment:

Avoid Upfront Investment


Heavy Equipment Rental by WAVE Construction Industries

A mini Bulldozer without a ripper can cost around P2.2 million, while a long arm excavator ranges from P3.9 million to P5.8 million.

This will definitely make a huge impact on your company’s budget. And the cost doesn’t stop after purchasing. You have to spend for the equipment’s maintenance which means that you are tied to your item, making it a long-term investment.

And speaking of maintenance, you have to hire professionals that will keep an eye on your equipment to avoid problems during operations and prevent damage.

Just like cars, the maintenance and repair cost of the equipment should be of utmost importance for it to remain an asset to the company.

Avoid Equipment Storage and Transportation Problems

Before purchasing, you must prepare your storage area for your equipment, and this may cause another dent in your company’s budget. If you do not have enough room for it, you still have to buy or rent space.

Another problem with heavy equipment is logistics. Transporting big and heavy machinery will cost you a lot and will take time as well. Time spent in waiting is another loss to your company.

Equipment rental service providers can resolve such issues smoothly. They will cover all the costs of delivering your equipment plus you can negotiate owner as to how long you need to keep the unit reducing your problem with long-term storage.

Make Use of the Flexible Options

We all know that changes happen constantly in the market. Being able to meet the demands of such changes requires a lot of flexibility.

Changes may range from trends to financial fluctuations. It is important that you can adapt to these. And you can’t do it when if you only have limited options at hand.

By renting equipment, you have the ability to ride such changes. For example, the clients may require specialized capabilities at your end, then all you have to do is just rent the needed equipment and you can now guarantee a quality and efficient service.

Get a Reliable Partner for Your Business


Heavy Equipment Rental by WAVE Construction Industries

Yes, renting has a lot of advantages but it won’t work out if you cannot trust the rental service. When it comes to heavy equipment rental service providers in Davao, you must work with a partner that is dedicated in their job. You need someone who understands, meets your needs and demands, and is reliable at all times.

Here in Wave Construction Industries Inc., we make sure that we only offer our best machinery, our expertise, and our professionalism.

Our aim is to have a positive business relationship with our clients–and hopefully, with you.

Feel free to email us anytime, or give us a call so that we can discuss as to how we can help your business in the future.