The demand for autoclaved aerated concrete blocks is high, and that’s not only because of its novelty, but also due to its reputation of being lightweight, non-toxic, accurately measured, earthquake and its fire-resistance, efficiency, workability, and durability.

So that you’ll be able to check out a reliable AAC blocks supplier in Davao for your next structure, here are some examples of buildings you could construct using these amazing blocks.

Academic buildings

The academe is an integral part of society, so making sure that the rooms they are held in are durable and disaster-resistant is a priority for construction contractors. From nurseries for toddlers and children alike to colleges that undergraduates and postgraduates facilitate learning, safety must be certain.

To verify this, foundations must be built with autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. Some of its key aspects include its insulation and structural capability, assuring resistance to fire and earthquake calamities. AAC also offers excellent sound insulation, so classrooms are sure to facilitate lectures well.

Medical and health centers

Similarly, medical institutions are as important as schools and universities, and thus, hospitals must be built with the same significance: with autoclave aerated concrete blocks.

One cannot simply heal without feeling safe about the environment he or she is in. With AAC as a hospital’s main building material, thanks to it being fire and earthquake-resistant, both hospital patients and medical professionals are ensured to be at ease.

Business and industrial buildings

With the rising competition within markets, businesses need to catch up, together with their buildings, best built with solid blocks like AAC. What differentiates autoclaved aerated concrete from the rest is its workability and precise dimensions. With good reinforcement, AAC blocks are sure to help materialize your construction in a jiffy.

May it be your dream restaurant, a high-rise building, or just a humble shop, AAC blocks make the best companion for your project. Do you have any inquiries with AAC block suppliers in the Philippines? Wave Construction is here to help! What are your questions for your next step in life? Send us a message and check our website!