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The Dangers Of Improperly Inflated Tires

As a heavy equipment rental service in the Philippines, we know well how important conducting regular maintenance is for our units. It keeps each machine in excellent condition and always ready for our next client to use in their project. An important part of the...

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Choosing the Road Roller For The Job

It seems like there's no end to new road construction projects all over the nation even until now. Your construction firm probably also has its fair share of road works to finish as well, doesn't it? You might already be having a difficult time meeting all of your...

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The Basics of Heavy Equipment Costing

Before reading on, know that the following topic delves into deeper aspects. The goal of this article is to touch, not to scratch, the surface of heavy equipment costing. Nevertheless, the following is written to share the basic aspects of heavy equipment rentals in...

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The Importance Of Onsite Safety

The construction industry is often thought of as one of the most unsafe working environments. The tasks done on the job site can be dangerous if one is not careful. A mishap on site can result in a range of problems: from a minor injury to a lifelong physical...

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Maintaining Heavy Equipment

Whether you intend to buy your own heavy equipment or better yet, rent them out, construction machinery needs to be maintained to keep them working at maximum efficiency. Maintenance isn't only necessary when the equipment is returned to the rental agency; renters...

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Heavy Equipment Safety Basics

The safe use of heavy equipment is crucial when equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, or excavator equipment are used to help with the construction of residential, commercial, or transportation areas. The weight and size of these massive machines make them extremely...

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What Does Wave Constructions Offer?

Wave Construction Industries Inc. has numerous service offers and products, namely Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP), Solid Blocks (AAC), and heavy equipment rental. Aside from being a supplier of Aluminum Composite Panels, WAVE Constructions has the option for...

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