Building your own home is what every Filipino aspires to achieve. For many, it’s the ultimate sign of success. But, if you want your home to last for generations to come, you need to invest in strong, durable materials.

We at Wave Construction Industries want to see our fellow Filipinos to have their long lasting dream home. That is why we’ve listed the best building materials you can find here in the Philippines that will give your house much durability.


Steel for Framing


Steel is one of the best materials for structural framing. It is more durable than wood and as, if not more, versatile than concrete.

Using steel will give you faster construction time plus it can withstand strong winds and seismic activities.
The aim of any modern house is not just to achieve the modern aesthetic but also making it environment-friendly. A steel frame is not only strong, but also recyclable.


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks


AAC Block is a revolutionary building material invented in the early 20th century. It has an unusual but eco-friendly composition and is perfect for residential construction because of great thermal insulation. Like wood, it can be cut, drilled chiseled and shaped to your needs. It is also bigger, covers more surface area, and yet is extremely lightweight for its size. It makes your installation time shorter and transportation costs smaller.

AAC block is also known for its high resistance to water penetration, moisture, and earthquake which is perfect for the Philippine setting.

AAC block is popular in European countries, the Middle East, and other countries like India, Singapore, and Malaysia. AAC blocks suppliers in the Philippines including Wave Construction Industries are also beginning to make a mark here.


Aluminum Composite Panel


For a more modern looking house, aluminum composite panels will suit you the best. ACP is versatile and can easily accommodate the design you want. Its clean looking needs very little maintenance.

It is ideal for both exteriors and interiors. Aluminum’s heat conductivity is a lot greater than iron, reaching up to 660 degrees Celsius before it melts. And since it will only melt and not burn, it won’t produce harmful and toxic smoke.

These suggested construction materials will provide you with a strong foundation, a beautiful façade and ultimate comfort.

The good news is that you can find these materials here in the Philippines. In fact, Wave Construction Industries is a supplier of aluminum composite panels and AAC blocks.

Build that dream house of yours with us! Give us a call and we are more than glad to help you.