It seems like there’s no end to new road construction projects all over the nation even until now. Your construction firm probably also has its fair share of road works to finish as well, doesn’t it?

You might already be having a difficult time meeting all of your project deadlines. It could be that your current fleet of heavy equipment isn’t enough to deal with all the work that needs to be done.

What you can do for the meantime—if you don’t have large enough funds to buy—is to rent the kind of equipment that has the biggest demand for your jobs.

For road paving projects, one of the machines that you’ll need the most is the road roller. But before you rent the first one you see, it’s important that you get the appropriate specs. Bigger is not always better if you want to be efficient with the heavy equipment you use.

Make sure to choose the right road roller from your trusted heavy equipment rental service in the Philippines  with these tips:

Single or Double Drum?

It’s easy to tell the two types of road rollers apart The single drum only has one giant wheel drum, while the double drum has one at the front and the other at the rear. At first glance, you can immediately say that the double drum will be able to do more compacting at once. But that doesn’t automatically make it the superior choice.

When Is The Single Drum Better?

The biggest advantage that the single drum roller has over the double drum is maneuverability. In most cases, it’s smaller, and the pneumatic tires it has at the back allows for better steering. These tires also allow for better traction on rough grounds. If you are operating in areas that make it difficult for big machines to move around, single drums will work just fine. This type is more often used for compacting gravel, soil, and grading uneven surfaces for sidewalks, building foundation, and road paving preparation.

When Is The Double Drum The Best?

What the double drum lacks in maneuverability and traction, it makes up for its sheer power and efficiency. Its weight and dual drums can flatten twice as much area in far less time than a single roller. This has made the double drum roller the compactor of choice for large, flat roads — preferably asphalt ones.

Always remember to pick the specs that you know will be the most suited for the task at hand. It’s not about getting the biggest, most powerful equipment. It’s about getting the right size that will save you the most time and money.

If you’re in need of construction equipment rentals in Davao or even in other regions, just let the team at WAVE Construction know and we’ll be able to provide you with the machinery that’s best for your project!