Whether you’re a company that provides construction equipment rentals in Davao and other parts of the country, a general contractor or any other type of construction firm, one thing ought to be clear:

Safety should always be our number one priority, wouldn’t you agree?

Accidents in the job site can happen anytime. You shouldn’t just avoid them because they cause unwanted delays and expenses. You should also avoid them to ensure the safety of everyone. Workers, site visitors, and even passersby can get severely injured without safety measures.

When we have heavy equipment at the site, we should take extra precautions. The first thing is to understand the factors that can cause equipment-related accidents.

What are some of the most common causes of accidents related to them?

Unstable Ground

Working on muddy or uneven surfaces is a normal situation for heavy machinery. Heavy equipment are designed for these kinds of jobs, after all.

construction equipment

However, extreme soil conditions can also cause equipment to get stuck or topple over, especially if they have the wrong type of wheels. For example, tracks cover more surface area and lessen the equipment’s chances of sinking into unstable wet ground. So if you’ve brought machines that have tires instead of tracks to a site that rains frequently, don’t expect to have an easy time maneuvering them.

Machine Malfunction

Not doing regular maintenance and cleaning on equipment will always lead to problems down the road. Sometimes it can be a “minor” issue like faulty panel lights or something more dangerous like the brakes failing to work.

Once the operator doesn’t have complete control over the equipment, the risk of accidents happening rises.

Poor Lighting

Having a fully lit working area is crucial especially when there are night operations. Imagine driving an excavator in a dark place! You might end up hitting someone at some point.

poor lighting

Everyone in the vicinity—including heavy equipment operators—will be able to see everything much more clearly and keep from making any errors if the site has enough lighting. But workers should also make it a point to wear reflective gear at all times. It makes them even more visible and easier to avoid.

As a heavy equipment rental service in the Philippines, we understand that working with heavy equipment has always had safety risks. But we can minimize them by choosing the right kind of equipment, doing maintenance work, wearing safety gear, and communicating properly with other workers at the site.

Let’s do our part to keep our job sites as safe as possible!