While some people are working comfortably in an office, there are others who head to jobs where occupational hazards are real, up close, and personal.

Working in the construction industry can be a dangerous line work In many countries, including the Philippines.

Here are 3 reasons why there is a need for a constant safety campaigns in construction sites: 

Numbers Don’t Lie

According to DOLE, during the year 2015, there were 937 cases of work injuries and 4% of these resulted in death.

The US Department of Labour stated that the four major causes of worker death are:

  • Falls
  • Struck by objects
  • Caught in or between objects
  • Electrocutions

According to them, there are 1 out of 200 construction workers that will become victims of fatal work site accidents. 

Shows Company Commitment

Another reason why there should be a constant safety reminder is to show how companies show commitment to their workers.

By reinforcing safety message through posters and warning signs, the company shows that their utmost concern is the safety of the workers.

Also, it is an effective reminder that unfortunate events often times happen due to negligence. 

Emphasize Positive Behaviour at Work


An employee that works on a company that has high regards to safety will also have a high level of safety consciousness. Moreover, employees who feel safe in their workplace are happier and more loyal compared to those who don’t. Besides, employees who constantly practice safety do not only apply it at work but often times teach their values at home too.

As a company that provides construction equipment rentals in Davao, we also make sure that our operators and drivers observe safety practices by providing seminars and proper training which are very helpful especially if they are deployed to other construction sites.

We guarantee that they conduct themselves professionally, in and outside the workplace.