As a heavy equipment rental company in Davao City, we are directly involved with construction projects. In the industry, the most important thing to think about is the safety of everyone, especially for the construction workers.

Now, with the risky nature of construction and engineering, accidents can happen anytime. But, always remember that we can avoid these by following specific safety procedures and using proper materials.

With that said, what are the most common construction accidents and how can we avoid them?


Most buildings erected right now are the tall ones, especially for growing cities like Davao. Because of the demand for skyscrapers, construction workers have to work at significant heights, making them at risk of falling.

How can this scenario be avoided? (1) Make sure that the scaffolding is strong enough to carry the weight of your workers. (2) Train and educate your construction force about the need to follow proper use of ladders. (3) On a regular basis, have someone check for unprotected openings in shafts and stairwells.


Since modern construction utilizes the power of electricity, construction laborers are exposed to the risk of getting electrocuted at work. In the US, the second most common construction-related death is getting electrocuted which results in electric shock. As a boss or project manager, we do not want this to happen.

What can you do to avoid this type of accident? (1) Make sure that your workers are aware of overhead power lines. (2) Maintain a safe distance between your employees and wires, especially the loose ones. (3) Before starting to work, have someone check tools and extension cords for cuts, abrasions, and damaged insulation. (4) Train your workforce about the proper use of power tools.

Struck By Objects

There’s always a ‘Beware: Falling Debris’ sign in construction sites for a reason, there’s an alarming number of deaths related to falling debris, tools, beams, and other equipment. While the chance of this situation to happen is lower compared to the two aforementioned hazards, this should also be avoided.


(1) Use protective equipment for your employees’ heads.

(2) Make use of safety nets.

(3) Keep objects away from the edges of the buildings you are constructing. 

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