The safe use of heavy equipment is crucial when equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, or excavator equipment are used to help with the construction of residential, commercial, or transportation areas. The weight and size of these massive machines make them extremely hazardous; proper operation is required to avoid severe injury or at worst, death.

  1. Familiarize Yourself With The Heavy Equipment

Before looking for construction equipment rental in the Philippines, all on-site heavy equipment operators need a basic understanding of the machinery they’re handling prior to utilizing the machine on site.

This is the best way to lower the probability of an accident or equipment malfunction. Safety instructions and warnings are strategically placed on the interior and exterior of the machine. Review these instructions before operation and maintenance.

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Always wear the proper attire when operating heavy equipment. Protective clothing and personal safety devices should be worn on site at all times. Avoid loose clothing or jewelry that could potentially be caught in the machines’ moving parts or controls.

Protective clothing includes:

  • Hard hat
  • Safety shoes
  • Safety glasses
  • Heavy gloves
  • Hearing protection
  • Reflective clothing
  1. Understand the Job Site

Getting a feel of the construction site and looking for safety hazards should be assessed before using heavy equipment. Operators should look around the job site to make sure there are no bystanders and use traffic cones, barrier tape, or gates to keep other equipment and unauthorized individuals out of the work area.

  1. Check for Blind Spots

Heavy equipment operators must be a hundred percent certain that there is no one is standing behind them or in their blind spots when the vehicle is moving, even if it means stepping out of the machine and double-checking.

If vision is insufficient, have a spotter stationed in a safe, visible position to guide and direct you. Notify those operating around you for the day of your blind spots and require them to wear high-visibility vests on all sites.

  1. Load Limits

When searching for heavy equipment rental in Davao, ask about the load limits of differing equipment when operating different machines throughout the day. Depending on the machine set-up size and load limits can change drastically.

When lifting objects with heavy equipment, ensure loads are secured with the appropriate rigging attachments. Inspect to ensure they are in excellent working condition. Just like most equipment operations, confirm all workers are at a safe distance when lifting and moving loads.