We all know that working at the construction site has its dangers. Workers have to go up dangerous heights with electricity, heavy construction materials and equipment. Electrocution, getting struck by objects or heavy equipment are some of the top leading causes of construction worker deaths. These incidents are sometimes caused by negligence. And when you have heavy equipment at the site, you have to be extra careful when working around them.

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With that, here are five important heavy equipment tips to keep in mind.


1. Have a daily walk-around inspection

Before using the equipment, make sure that a walk around inspection is conducted to make sure that it is in good working condition. Have a checklist on hand, watch out for any leaks at the hydraulic hoses, undercarriage, monitor the oil levels, and check everything else that needs to be inspected.


2. Check the Area

The construction site is already dangerous enough as it is. So before any work with the heavy equipment begins, make sure that the area has been checked for overhead and underground hazards. Note the areas with underground utilities so that they can be avoided when digging needs to be done. Power lines and other overhead obstructions should be flagged for the operators’ awareness.

To ensure additional safety during operation, make sure that no one is too close to the equipment. Blind spots are one of the common reasons that lead to fatal accidents. If vision is limited, get a spotter to assist.

3. Be extra careful when climbing on and off the equipment

Another common cause of injury for operators happens during mounting and dismounting on the construction equipment. One misplaced hand or foot could result in a serious accident. Even the most experienced operators are not completely safe from this accident.

4. Do not forget the seatbelts

Just like vehicles, wearing a seatbelt while driving heavy equipment is very important. They reduce the chances of the operator falling off in rough situations.

5. Communications is very important

Having constant communication with the people you are working with is one of the best ways to prevent accidents.


As a construction equipment rental service provider in Philippines, we want to always remind our clients that accidents can happen anytime, but most of them can be avoided. And these tips are general rules that everyone who is working in our industry should remember.