Whether you intend to buy your own heavy equipment or better yet, rent them out, construction machinery needs to be maintained to keep them working at maximum efficiency. Maintenance isn’t only necessary when the equipment is returned to the rental agency; renters should also take some on-site measures to ensure the safety of the machines.

Heavy equipment rental in the Philippines can take a bit of work to maintain given the environment and weather in the country. Follow these tips to help you out on your next construction project:

Lubricate the moving parts

Given the humidity in the tropics, heavy equipment machines are prone to developing rust. The best way to avoid that is to oil up the moving parts. Ask your supplier what type of oil to use and where to put it. Not only will it avoid rust from developing but the machines will work at top efficiency.

Clean the machine after use

Remove all the dirt and the debris that has gotten stuck in the under chassis or the working parts after a long day of construction as it could destroy the engines and weigh down the working arms of the machine. Hose off mud or dirt and wipe off the excess grime to prevent the water from causing the equipment to rust.

Protect the electrical wiring

Not only will you protect the safety of the operators and field workers, but you’re also saving yourself plenty of unnecessary expense. The grind that the machines go through on a day to day basis may cut the electrical wiring, ensure that they’re tucked in and all the covers are in place.

Keep the tank full

Fill up the gas tank at the end of the workday to prepare it for the onsite work the next day. Having the machine work on a full tank is ultimately better than having it run while it’s low on gas.

Check for signs of wear and tear

Have the machinery inspected at least once a week. Gear vibrations, overheating engines, cracked seals, and thinned belts are all signs of aging in the equipment.

You know what they say, maintenance is better than repair. Taking care of the nitty-gritty things on a daily basis will save you lots of money and trouble.
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