With its benefits like lightweight, fire resistance, functionality and appealing aesthetic, aluminum composite panels are an innovative curtain wall material. Using ACP provides strong protection for your building in case of natural disasters like strong hurricanes which are prone to our country. Since it is made from aluminum, it won’t rust, fade or rot. Its benefits can last almost a lifetime. It’s hassle-free maintenance can be appealing as well.

WAVE Construction Industries: ACP Installation


In what ways can we use the aluminum composite panel?


Advertising and Sign Board


Make your signages stand out and last longer by using aluminum composite panels. Aside from the fact that it’s cost-effective, it’s strong enough to resist harsh weather conditions like typhoons.

Many road signages here are using ACPs because of their sturdiness and longevity.


Interior Cladding


We all know that ACP looks clean and sleek when used for facades, but did you know that you can also use it as an interior design material?

It has good thermal insulation and helps normalize the temperature inside your building against extreme heat or cold. ACP can also protect you from UV-light.




Having a sturdy and strong ceiling is essential because it protects the electrical and plumbing systems. Since ACP can resist high heat temperature, it’s the perfect option.

Moreover, well installed ACP ceilings can make your building look spacious as well.


Fun fact:


Did you know that aircraft use the aluminum composite panel as well? Its aluminum component is an advantage because of its lightness and ability to withstand severe temperature changes.

If ACP is strong enough to be used for airplanes, why not use it for your own building?

If you are looking for an ACP installation service in the Philippines then you have visited the right place. Call WAVE now and let’s discuss how we can help improve your project.