We’ve seen the steady growth of the construction industry here in the Philippines, and as the demand for construction services comes to a rise, so does the demand for renting heavy construction equipment and vehicles.

To be able to cater to your needs by providing the best equipment, we want to share a guide to renting heavy equipment.

Choose the Right Equipment


WAVE Construction Industries: Heavy Equipment Rental Services

There’s a vast availability of options when it comes to construction equipment. Each unit or model has its own expertise. First, take a look at your project, and evaluate which equipment you can use for more productive work.

Choosing the wrong equipment will create domino problems, from time and money wastage to causing the delay of the projects.


Check the Surroundings for Hazards

While operating, you should be mindful of your surroundings. Check for any obstacles the vehicle or machine may encounter. If digging, make sure that you won’t hit underground utilities like cables and water pipes. Also, workers should not loiter in areas where heavy equipment are operating.

This does not only ensure the safety of the equipment but also the safety of everything and everyone within the construction site. 

Only Professional Drivers Should Operate

Operating construction machines is not as easy as driving a vehicle. Even dump tracks need a professional driver.

Training and years of practice are needed so that one can be called “professional driver operator.” He must know how to check and maintain equipment as well.

Here at Wave Construction Industries, our rental service includes an operator or a driver plus someone to assist. This is one of our edge heavy equipment rental services in the Philippines

Always Have a Checklist for Maintenance

Poor maintenance is a major reason why some heavy equipment fail to operate the way they should. A checklist will be your guide so that you know where and how to check your rented equipment.

We became a reputable heavy equipment rental service provider in the Philippines because we always see to it that our equipment are always in condition and top of the line. And this was made possible because of the help of our clients who maintain the equipment well while it is in their hands.