Concrete plays a vital role in the construction industry and is one of the most common materials found in the work site. As we move towards a more technologically advanced world, concrete will also evolve. Here are three amazing concrete inventions in recent years.


Absorbent Concrete for Flood-Prone Areas


With climate change on the rise, it is hard to prevent natural disasters which usually lead to flooding. However, things might change in the near future because UK company Tarmac has developed water absorbing concrete called Topmix Permeable concrete.

Each square meter can absorb as much as 1,000 liters per minute. Tarmac is also claiming that the absorbing concrete has strength of 10 to 20 megapascals.


Concrete Spray That Can Withstand 9.0 Earthquakes


Earthquakes are a growing concern in the construction industry. It can cause extensive damage to life and property.

While there are already techniques and materials that prevent major structural damage during earthquakes, it does not always guarantee safety because earthquakes nowadays are not just becoming a more frequent occurrence. It’s also becoming stronger.

The researchers from the University of British Columbia devised a spray-on concrete support that can improve the strength and durability of concrete during earthquakes up to a magnitude of 9.1.

It is composed of industrial additives including polymer-based fibers and fly-ash. The spray on allows the concrete to bend according to the movement of the earthquake making it much more ductile.


A block that has all-around benefits


Though not as recent as you might think, this concrete block provides more benefits compared to traditional hollow blocks and is rising in popularity worldwide.

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is durable—it can withstand category 5 tropical storms and reduce the seismic forces that are applied . Aside from its durability against natural disasters, AAC has a unique cellular structure that gives excellent resistance to fire. It does not disintegrate easily even in fires that last up to four hours. Its melting point is 1600 degree Celsius.

It is also pest resistant, provides incredible water barrier properties, and is environmentally-sound thanks to its inorganic components which include fly ash. It produces little to no waste or pollution making it perfect for eco conscious builders.

The Philippines can definitely benefit from AAC since we are prone to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. Right now, there are already AAC blocks suppliers in the Philippines including WAVE Construction Industries.