Renting Heavy Equipment has been a huge help in the construction industry. And in the past decades, more contractors are leaning towards renting rather than buying. When renting, you get well-maintained equipment, you won’t have to worry about upfront investment, and you can save a lot!

However, if you are working in an industry where you rent heavy loads of machinery, you know all too well that mishaps with big machines can be dangerous and of course, expensive.

For these reasons, Wave Industries would like to help you assess how you can ensure your team when working with rented equipment.


Familiarize Yourself with the Equipment


Having no knowledge and experience with heavy equipment can be dangerous. There might be times the crew will underestimate or overestimate the requirement of the equipment. Mistakes like these will lead to costly accidents, or worse, death.


Sync Equipment with the Job


There are times when renters choose the wrong heavy equipment for the job. This will result in problems like delays and loss of funds.

Imagine renting backhoes instead of an excavator. These two pieces of equipment are often mistaken as the other, but they have different functions. What will happen if you arrive on the site and realize you’ve got the wrong equipment?

Choosing the right equipment for your projects will make everything more efficient.


Sync Equipment with the Timeline


Choosing the right time to rent is as important as choosing the equipment. You do not want the rented equipment sitting around and not being used. Aside from the fact that you are robbing others of the chance to rent the equipment, you are also wasting your money.


Team Up With a Reliable Partner


WAVE Construction Industries: Heavy Equipment Rental Services

Working with the right construction equipment rental service provider in Davao will help you understand the importance of having insurance coverage fit for your rented equipment.

Here at Wave Construction Industries, our rates are inclusive of expert operator and helper. Moreover, we make sure that every piece of equipment is in pristine condition before we deliver it to you. We also guarantee that our operator has the experience and knowledge of the equipment.

However, we have also some basic but important reminders to our renters as well:

  1. Make sure you have read and understood the agreement
  2. When on site, always wear proper gear.
  3. Know the operating limits of the rented equipment.
  4. Assign someone who will make sure that everything is clear before proceeding with the job.

Avoiding rental mistakes is not as hard as you think. But if these tips are overlooked, it will cost you a lot more than the budget you set. So always keep these in mind and strive for the best on your projects.