Mistakes in construction are costly, time-consuming and often dangerous. Many small businesses rely on renting construction machinery because it is more budget friendly. But instead of saving more money, they sometimes end up spending more they are not paying attention to small but important details.

Here are four common mistakes heavy equipment renters do and how to avoid them:


Not Paying Attention to Safety

This is the most dangerous mistake anyone can commit. Construction sites are no playgrounds. Operating without a license, not doing a safety check on the equipment, and not checking the work area are just some of the common mishaps that will lead to accidents.

So make sure that you have done the necessary steps to avoid future problems. Although you may not be required to present your license and certificates when renting, it is better to have one to be safer.

Here at WAVE Construction, we include our own driver and assistant to the rental for safety purposes.

WAVE Construction Industries: Construction Equipment Rental Service


Not Completely Reading the Contract

Before paying, make sure that you have totally read and understood the contract. As much as possible, ask the important questions like inclusions, additional charges, delivery, damage and liability, and the likes. Ensure that there are no loopholes that will make you end up paying extra expenses. Don’t let miscommunication ruin your partnership and be the reason for your overspending.


Choosing the Wrong Equipment

Research must be done before renting equipment. You should be able to identify the scope of work to be done and the specs and abilities of the machine so that you can make the most out of it. Renting the wrong heavy equipment can cost you a lot of time and money.



Not Making The Most Of The Equipment

There are renters who rent equipment for long periods of time, thinking that it’s more cost-effective. But truth is, it’s not. Equipment that is just sitting around, unused, is a waste of money. Before renting, make sure that you have an idea of how long you actually need the equipment.



As a heavy equipment rental service in the Philippines, we make sure that we are on the same page with the renters. But mistakes do happen especially if you aren’t mindful. But don’t worry. Should you need assistance, we are always happy to help.