When it comes to versatile building materials, autoclaved aerated concrete (or AAC) blocks are one of the most practical alternatives to red bricks and hollow concrete blocks. As an AAC Supplier in the Philippines, we aim to provide the best construction services available in our area of influence (Davao City), and AAC blocks is a top-quality construction material that has plenty of benefits, be they economic or environmental.

The latter benefit is actually quite important to consider, because while the current pandemic is the most visible and immediate problem that the world is facing, pollution has had a longer time to seriously affect the planet. As such, the reduction of pollution is important to consider when making construction projects, and AAC blocks provide an environment option.

AAC Blocks Reduce Fly Ash Waste

The manufacturing of AAC Blocks, unlike red clay bricks, produce little to no pollution, and in fact reduce it because it uses fly ash in its creation. Fly ash is the byproduct of pulverized coal in power plants, and if left unchecked, could poison the environment. Using fly ash to create AAC blocks reduces the amount of fly ash in the environment, providing valuable building material by converting waste into useful products.

Great Thermal Insulation Reduces Air Conditioning Costs

Aside from being a non-toxic material that is well-ventilated and fire resistant, AAC blocks also provide excellent insulation against outside heat and cold. In the Philippines, the summer season is known for its excruciating temperatures, to the point that electricity bills tend to rise high because of the excess use of fans and air conditioning. With AAC blocks, your building is guaranteed to be well-insulated from the heat (and cold) outside, reducing your energy consumption and letting you use your fans or air-conditioning at a moderate pace.

If you’re looking for AAC blocks for your future construction projects, contact us at Wave Construction Industries.