As the government of the Philippines is slowly allowing for the continuation of construction and infrastructure projects during the quarantine (with minimum standards, including medical tests and daily disinfecting), the construction industry, heavily affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 across the country, is starting to see itself slowly move out of its languorous state and return to a sense of normality. However, while certain companies and industries might seek to utilize this opportunity to continue with their infrastructure projects, others might seek to delay their building plans as a precaution, considering the number of coronavirus cases in the country at the moment. 

Wave Construction Industries is currently temporarily closed, but we might open up later in response to this. Regardless of how you’re going to approach this, the fact remains that the pandemic situation has changed the way people do work, be it in the office or out in the open sun. What do you need to keep in mind when managing your construction projects in a world after COVID-19?

Ensure the Sanitation of Your Environment

The current situation calls for a heightened sense of sanitation. Some of the conditions presented for construction projects in the modified enhanced community quarantine (such as the above-mentioned medical tests and daily disinfecting) were implemented to ensure the safety of construction workers. Whether you are planning on doing construction work now or much later, always make sure that you have expended more than the minimum amount of sanitation in the construction area, from the wearing of masks to the provision of hand disinfectants for construction workers.

Consider Renting Your Construction Equipment

While the idea of renting equipment might seem unsanitary at first, owing to the fact that you’re handling material that’s already been handled by others, renting out construction equipment ensures that you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of purchasing your own. Considering that many industries have been slowed by the steps taken to reduce physical contact, renting out construction equipment is about as straightforward as it can get. Wave is a heavy equipment rental service provider in the Philippines, and if your construction projects urgently need equipment, you can give us a call.