Wave Construction Industries Inc. has numerous service offers and products, namely Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP), Solid Blocks (AAC), and heavy equipment rental.

Aside from being a supplier of Aluminum Composite Panels, WAVE Constructions has the option for installation of said panels after purchase. Suppose the customer opts out of availing the installation service, we can also provide the training for your construction employees to ensure proper handling of the product and safety of whoever will be installing the panels.

Some of our notable projects are Felcris Centrale’s escalator, mechanical duct, and canopy, Chevrolet GenSan’s facade, and Plaza de Luisa’s elevator.

Alutech Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP) is a kind of composite material with the chemically processed aluminum surface layer and PE core. ACP consists of many layers of aluminum materials. Both the top and bottom layers are aluminum alloy plates with high purity. The middle part is an innocuous low-density PE core plate with a protective film stick on the front.

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Solid Blocks is our line of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks or AAC blocks, better alternative concrete technology to your standard concrete hollow blocks. SOLID BLOCKS are lightweight, precast, concrete blocks that offer better structural integrity, insulation, fire, water, and earthquake resistance. Our blocks are manufactured overseas and imported to the Philippines.

Much like our Aluminum Composite Panels, we offer installation service. Should you choose to install it on your own, we will also offer training for this particular product.

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WAVE Construction Industries: Heavy Equipment Rental Services

And finally, we offer heavy equipment rental services. Nowadays, Construction equipment rental in the Philippines is much more convenient (and lighter on the pocket) as opposed to buying them. You get well-maintained construction vehicles on demand and safety training procedures. You don’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance when they are not in use, and also save storage and insurance costs.

To save your employees from additional work and your budget from other expenses, WAVE Construction will provide you with the drivers and assistance you need to operate your rented equipment. This is inclusive of the rental fee. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, our prices are still negotiable. If you’re looking for heavy equipment rental in Davao, Wave Construction is the way to go.

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You can also contact us via email at waveconst@yahoo.com or call us through (0917) 516-5846