Safety is a crucial factor in evaluating the success of a structure. After all, buildings are meant to be a place that hosts people for residency, work, or leisure. If an infrastructure project is deemed to be unsafe, lives and livelihoods will be at risk. Nobody wants that to happen.

The Philippines is a country situated in an area where earthquakes, typhoons, and other extreme weather conditions are more likely to happen compared to other countries. For Wave Construction, an AAC supplier in the Philippines, safety during these times is a major concern.

If you are a construction company looking for the most suitable and reliable blocks for your projects, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks are the best one for you.

Why? Here are its wonderful features.


Due to the lack of combustible materials and porous components, AAC blocks have high fire-resistance. AACs are best used for firewalls and structural steel construction. If you want to construct buildings that can withstand fire or fire-related incidents, you should invest in utilizing autoclaved aerated concrete blocks.


Other than fires, earthquakes happen a lot in the Philippines too. The autoclaved aerated concrete block structure is conceptualized to be lightweight to reduce the dead load of a building. This means that it reduces the seismic forces flowing in a building, making infrastructures created with AACs safer during strong quakes.


Solid blocks have zero presence of organic substances, which means that it does not deteriorate when facing weather changes or extreme conditions like typhoons or floods. If you are looking for highly durable building foundations, these blocks are definitely for you.
No matter what the situation is, the safety of a building is always the top priority in construction. If you are looking for a reliable supplier of AACs in the Philippines, contact Wave Construction. We are also a trusted heavy equipment rental service provider in Davao City. Feel free to visit our website to learn more about our services.