Autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks also known as solid blocks have been gaining a firm reputation over the years for their convenience and reliability in construction. Having been widely used in Europe for years, it is now being introduced by solid blocks manufacturers in the Philippines

Given that, those interested in AAC blocks may be curious as to what is best built using the material. We’ve listed down some potential structures that are wonderfully optimized by the use of these ever so versatile solid blocks.


While using materials as large as AAC blocks may seem reserved for larger structures, they are still actually great for building houses. Its thermal insulation abilities are wonderful for keeping the inside of the home temperate and comfortable without the need for additional appliances and further energy consumption. 

AAC blocks are also helpfully termite and pest-proof due to the material’s inorganic nature. This means homeowners can rest easy regarding the cost of maintaining their home as they won’t need pest control. 


A hospital is a high-rise structure that needs ensured safety more than anything else. After all, it’s where people come to get treated and healed. In the midst of unforeseeable incidents, it’s crucial that hospitals remain stable and safe, especially in the cases of fires. AAC blocks are renowned for the extra level of safety they offer structures in terms of fire hazards. Because the blocks are noncombustible, they do not burn or give off any toxic fumes.


Another fantastic thing about solid blocks is their ability to absorb sound, making them ideal for hotels where getting sound night’s (or afternoon) sleep is essential for good business. Because of the material’s porous structure, it can provide a sound insulation value that’s 7dB greater than other types of building materials of the same weight. With this, it ensures a peaceful and relaxing experience safe from the noise pollution of the outside world. Additionally, it offers greater privacy between guests in different rooms.

Concert Halls

Concert halls are typically packed during events, and it is essential that proper ventilation is available. AAC blocks are perfectly airy and lightweight, making them great for facilitating healthy airflow.

Another important aspect to consider with a concert hall is the presence of mold and mildew. Fortunately, because of the solid blocks being inorganic, they do not provide fungi with an environment to grow. This can help maintain the cleanliness of the venue.

AAC blocks are truly at the forefront of modern construction materials, which is why it’s important that Philippine construction companies don’t get left behind. WAVE Construction offers AAC blocks for sale and shipping anywhere in the Philippines! If you find you’re also in need of certain heavy equipment but don’t have enough in your budget to cover purchase expenses, WAVE also has a construction equipment rental service in the Philippines

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