WAVE Construction Industries Inc. offers the following construction supplies and services throughout the Philippines:

SOLID BLOCK Supply and Installation

Our line of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks that are much more superior to your everyday concrete hollow blocks.

Heavy Equipment Rentals

Affordable rental services for heavy-duty vehicles that are a must for construction works.

Aluminium Composite Panel Supply and Installation

We also provide supplies and installation services specializing in Aluminium Composite Panels.

SOLID BLOCK Supply and Installation

SOLID BLOCK is our line of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete or AAC blocks, a lighter, larger, but far stronger alternative to CHB or concrete hollow blocks. It is also the more economical choice because you can save more money on adhesive, transportation, and labour cost.

Accurate Dimensions
The precast production process guarantees that you will receive blocks with very accurate dimensions. This reduces the mortar and finishing materials required but also makes your walls straight and smooth.
Better Resistance To Fire And Earthquakes
SOLID BLOCKS’ composition and light weight make it extremely durable against fire and earthquakes, more so than CHB.
Faster Construction Time
SOLID BLOCK is easier to install than concrete hollow blocks and requires very little mortar and finishing. It does not need time for curing or on-site testing.

Heavy Equipment Rentals

Don’t have heavy equipment of your own? From graders to payloaders, WAVE Construction can provide you the essential machinery you need to get your projects done faster. Our heavy equipment rental service comes with a driver and assistant.

In excellent condition
Encountering problems with our equipment is something we don’t want you to deal with. As such, we always have our machinery undergo regular maintenance before making them available for use.

Aluminium Composite Panel Supply and Installation

The right cladding can make all the difference in your building’s design. WAVE Construction also offers aluminium composite panel installation services.

A High Class Source
Our aluminium composite panels are manufactured by Foshan Shunde Litong Oster Building Material Co., a China-based company that specializes in producing high quality ACPs that are widely used by clients worldwide.
Installed By Experts
Why go through the trouble of installing the panels yourself? Our skilled installation crews know our ACP very well, and have the expertise to make great cladding works happen.


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