Solid Blocks (AAC)

SOLID BLOCK is our line of autoclaved aerated concrete blocks or AAC blocks, superior alternative concrete technology to your regular concrete hollow blocks. SOLID BLOCKS are lightweight, precast, concrete blocks that offers better structural integrity, insulation, fire, water, and earthquake resistance. They can be used for interior and exterior construction works.

AAC Blocks are primarily composed of lime stone, fly ash, cement, gypsum, sand, and aluminium paste. Together, they create a building material that’s stronger than CHB.

Why Construct With SOLID BLOCKS?

SOLID BLOCKS provide you with numerous benefits.


AAC or solid blocks weigh more than 50% less than conventional concrete blocks. The foundation load is reduced significantly, thus reducing the cost of construction especially in sites with poor soil bearing capacity. This also reduces the cost of transportation and labor.

Energy Efficient

SOLID BLOCKS have better thermal insulation and heat retention capabilities that protect a room from extreme heat and cold. This means you no longer require additional insulation and also results in lower power consumption.

Accurate Measurements

The manufacturing process ensures that Solid Blocks have accurate dimensions, allowing for straight walls. This reduces the amount of mortar and finishing materials needed due to less trimmings.

Fire and Earthquake Resistance

AAC or solid blocks have superior fire resistance due to the lack of combustible components and porous structure. This makes them an ideal material for firewalls and in structural steel construction. The blocks’ structure and light weight reduce the dead load of the building, and therefore will also reduce the seismic forces on a building.


AAC or SOLID BLOCKS are highly durable since they do not contain any organic ingredients that deteriorate even when subject to extreme weather conditions. Structures that use these blocks can last decades without any major issues with them.


No gases or fibres are present in SOLID BLOCKS. It is not hazardous to groundwater nor does it release any radiation. It also does not create any toxic or polluting by-products during the production process or when subjected to fire.

Superior Acoustic Insulation

SOLID BLOCKS meet sound insulation standards for residential buildings, which allow for comfortably quiet interiors. It also reduces noise pollution in industrial constructions. An untreated SOLID BLOCK has better sound absorbing capabilities than pure, dense concrete.

Faster Construction

The precast system of SOLID BLOCKS has several advantages. It eliminates time-consuming processes such as:

  • Shuttering
  • Wet construction
  • Curing
  • On-site Testing & Quality Control

This results in reduced construction costs and saves time.


Another cost-reducing benefit of SOLID BLOCKS is their flexibility. Ordinary woodworking tools can be used to saw, cut, slot, drill, chase, and nail a block. It minimizes solid waste generation. Installation also becomes simpler because less steel and concrete for structural members is needed. The reduced number of joints also reduces the amount of required mortar.

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