Choosing the right piece of equipment is very important in any construction project. But sometimes, renters tend to get confused between heavy equipment which can lead to problems.

Excavators and backhoes are two of the most common heavy equipment in the construction industry. They are also the ones that are always mistaken for the other.


Let’s take a look at their differences and help you choose the type of equipment that your project actually needs.



Excavators are one of the largest construction equipment right now. It comes in different sizes and can weigh from 3,500 to 200,000 pounds! It is outfitted with a boom, dipper, and bucket. It can rotate 360 degrees which is perfect for digging and moving dirt in long distances without moving from one place to another. If ever you want to move the equipment between job sites, you’ll need a carrier vehicle.

There are many other attachments available for the excavator to employ different tasks like crushing, boring and cutting. In other words, excavators are great equipment for heavy duty jobs or sites with open spaces.

It also comes in different types like crawler excavators, hydraulic excavators, suction excavators, and dragline excavators.



Also called a back actor, a backhoe is also a type of excavating or digging equipment. However, it can only rotates up to 200 degrees. It has a bucket attached to a boom and is drawn towards the machine during operations. One could say that it looks like a giant metal spider. The average backhoe weighs around 17,000 pounds.

Backhoes are great for light to medium work that involves moving heavy objects and digging. It can be maneuvered down a line to build trenches for piping, push dirt that piled up, plow snow, road grading and even uproot a tree.

Backhoes can be driven up to 15MPH, which means you don’t need another vehicle in case you want to transport it from one place to another.

These two heavy equipment has their own strengths and weaknesses. But if you are still confused on what equipment to rent that best fits your job requirements, don’t hesitate to ask us questions. As one of the best construction equipment rental services in Davao, we will assist you in every step of the way.