About Us

As a company specializing in supplying and installation of Aluminum Cladding, WAVE Construction Industries, Inc., is intent on providing highest quality and standard installation in all its projects.  WAVE is expanding on that reputation by maintaining experienced civil engineers and installers.

Having trained civil engineers, WAVE Construction self-performs majority of the division of work required to make a quotation. This provides us with a competitive advantage in terms of pricing when bidding for projects. Providing quality work is of the highest importance.

Wave’s Mission

To provide high quality construction services, equipment, and supplies throughout the Philippines.

What Is Wave Construction?

We are a company that provides for your construction needs. We specialize in heavy equipment rentals, Solid Block manufacturing and supplying, as well as aluminium cladding installation services. We offer our supplies and services to clients all over the nation.

We Take A Personal Approach To Your Projects

We believe that adopting a more hands-on approach with our work ensures that our high standards are always followed. Every project we are involved in is closely monitored. No matter where the project is located, they will always be visited and assessed to assure ourselves and our clients that the quality has been maintained.
We understand that our clients have different needs for their projects, so we make it a point to create tailor-made solutions while still being able to provide high quality work that fits our standards.

We Are A Team Of Experts That Care

We are intent on providing services of the highest quality for all our clients and their projects. To give ourselves the capability to do this, we have employed skilled engineers and installation crews that strictly follow the standards we have set. Our staff will also make regular site visits to all our projects anywhere in the country to check if our installations have been set up correctly and to make adjustments if necessary.

Our Prices Will Always Be Friendly

Honesty is the best policy—especially when it comes to pricing. At Wave, our team of civil engineers make sure our quotations stay reasonable and competitive. We can provide quality work that is completely within your budget. It is of utmost importance to us that you get your money’s worth with our work.

We Provide Only High Quality Equipment and Materials

Offering high quality services is useless if your supplies aren’t. As such, we make sure that all heavy equipment we have for rent are maintained regularly and remain in excellent condition before lending them out. We want to save clients from the troubles of dealing with faulty machinery.

Aside from ensuring the mint condition of our heavy equipment, we also take our construction materials’ quality very seriously. We make sure our aluminium composite panels are free from any defect before installation. We follow high standards when manufacturing our AAC Solid Blocks and have them undergo testing before supplying to our customers.

We value you as our partner

As our valued customer, we treat your business requirement seriously and uphold utmost privacy for all of our clients. We always build trust and great business relationship with our customers. You may read our Shipping Policy and Privacy policy for more details.

We are Available Anytime!


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