High-scale engineering and construction projects require reliable equipment for time-efficiency. This why construction equipment rental service providers in the Philippines consider the transit mixer as one of the most rented vehicles in the construction industry.

Transit Mixer

Transit mixers serve as the concrete/mortar or ready-mix concrete transportation vehicle for building projects. Through its mixing apparatus with transit drums and spiral blades, the dry material and water are mixed thoroughly inside in a clockwise-counterclockwise motion. With its transit functionalities, it makes concrete transportation and application easier.

Why Choose Transit Mixers?

Transit mixers are composed of a feeding and unloading mechanism, mixing drum, prime mover, rack and supporting device, transmission mechanism, and water supply system. These features show how advanced these vehicles are compared to human work. These are the advantages that a transit mixer could provide for your construction project:

  • Transit mixers are cost-efficient. – Since transit mixers have replaced the roles of dumpers and agitator cars in delivering concrete from batching plants to construction sites, it lessens the cost for delivery and mixing. Additionally,
  • Transit mixers are time-efficient. – Transit mixers carry pre-mixed concrete or mortar directly to the construction site. The fact that this makes it easier for construction workers to work with means that they can work faster and more efficiently.

Why Rent One?

Owning a transit mixer would be pretty advantageous for construction business owners, but the cost of actually procuring one for the company is the downside. That’s why business owners consider hiring heavy equipment rental services in the Philippines like Wave Construction Industries. Through renting, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repair services when they are not in use, and also save costs on storage and insurance.

Wave focuses on providing rental offers on various construction equipment like payloader, road roller, dump trucks, backhoe, grader, and transit mixers. Through renting with Wave, drivers and assistants are included to save your crew from extra work and your budget from additional expenses. For more inquiries and information about our service, contact us now!